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shutterstock_55957948_1024x1024Common name: African lily, Lily of the Nile.

  • Availability: January to December, with different varieties peaking within that period.
  • Vase life: Aprox 4-6 days as the flower opens, then a further 7-14 in flower.
  • Flower notes: A hugely popular garden flower and a favorite of landscape designers due to its large showy spherical head and upright, leafless stem. Tall stem length.
  • Color range: Blue, purple, white.
  • Flower trivia: its name comes from ancient Greek and means “love flower”.

Care and Handling:

  • Prone to flower drop, to help prevent this, re-cut stems frequently to keep a fresh flow of water to the flower head.
  • Never leave out of water as the flower dries out easily.
  • Re-cut stems and stand in clean, fresh water with flower food.
  • Change water every 2-3 days, re-cutting stems each time.
  • Agapanthus has a strong sturdy stem and is equally effective arranged in a vase or in floral foam- if using foam, ensure it is soaked thoroughly before use and is not allowed to dry out.
  • Arrange with tall, bold flowers such as gladioulus or lilies.

For weddings:

  • Smaller headed Agapanthus are suitable for using in both bridal bouquets and tied posies. Dramatic and eye-catching, larger headed varieties would stand out in arrangements either in vases or in floral foam. Perfect summer wedding flowers.

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