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Is there any flower more recognizable than the rose? Probably not. Roses have been a symbol of love and passion since at least the ancient Greeks and Romans. Today there are seemingly infinite varieties and colors of roses to choose from. And, each color comes with its own sub-meaning as well. So, it makes sense that roses are a popular choice for weddings.

Yet, as anyone who’s ever bought a bouquet of roses knows, these beautiful flowers are extremely expensive. A dozen roses would not be such a good gift otherwise. But, if you are interested in using roses at your wedding, don’t let the price get you down. Just buy the roses in bulk.

If you are new to bulk flowers and how to use them, we’ve got the article for you. Here you will find all of the information you need to know about bulk roses, how to care for them, and how to incorporate them into your wedding. And, when you are ready to purchase bulk roses for yourself, try the ones offered by Wholesale Flowers. We have bulk roses for every occasion, including your wedding.

What do we mean by bulk roses?

Bulk flowers are like anything else in bulk. When you buy bulk roses, you are getting a large number of roses for a discount.

There are a few misconceptions about bulk flowers, and roses specifically, that we feel we should clear up before continuing on with this article.

Misconceptions about buying flowers in bulk:

  • Buying bulk roses are more expensive.

Yes, you may be intimidated by the price you see on bulk roses. However, when you consider the number of stems you receive for the price, it is actually much less than if you were to order smaller numbers of roses. For example, if you were to receive 100 stems for around $95—as is common from Wholesale Flowers—you would be spending less than a dollar a rose. This is much less than the two or three dollars per rose that you can spend when buying a bouquet.

  • Bulk roses are not great quality.

Just because bulk roses are not as expensive does not mean that they are any less quality. One of the biggest misconceptions of purchasing online, bulk roses is that they will not be as nice. This just isn’t the case. In fact, when you purchase online, bulk roses you are receiving the freshest and most convenient flowers available. Here at Wholesale Flowers we ship our high-quality bulk roses to you directly from our trusted farms after they are quality inspected.

  • You won’t have a lot of options if you buy online.

While you always need to be careful about the retailer you choose, purchasing bulk roses online does not limit your options. Wholesale Flowers offers bulk roses in a variety of sizes, colors, and types. For the tope bulk roses supplies, you will likely have more rose options for a better price than you would be purchasing the roses from a traditional brick and mortar store.

Why use bulk roses for a wedding?

As mentioned at the very beginning of this article, roses have been associated with love and marriage for thousands of years. What’s amazing is that roses have not changed in meaning or use in all that time. What has changed is the variety of rose types and colors available for purchase.

 In 2019 there are literally hundreds of rose color combinations and varieties to choose from. Although all roses mean love and passion, the different rose colors also have their own sub-meanings. These include red for romance, yellow for joy, white for innocence, peach for gratitude, and so on.

 And, this is just the colors. There are also seemingly infinite varieties of roses with many different types of flower sizes and petal shapes. While the different rose varieties do not have their own sub-meanings, they can still offer contrast to wedding decorations and arrangements. With all of the options available, you can completely customize your wedding’s look with bulk roses. It’s no wonder roses are such a popular wedding flower.

How to store bulk roses before your wedding

Now that you’ve decided on purchasing bulk roses for your wedding, you need to know how to store them. Typically, it is not a good idea to take your flower delivery on the day of the wedding. You will need time to make the decorations and bouquets. But, to keep the bulk roses looking nice, don’t skip the following steps.

  • Make sure you have enough buckets for all of the roses. The buckets should be large enough to hold the stems of the roses and water. Don’t clean the buckets with harsh soap or bleach, just dish soap will be fine.
  • Cut the stems of the bulk roses diagonally before you put them in the buckets. You will want to recut the rose stems every two days.
  • Fill the buckets with warm water. Warm water will hydrate the roses better than cold water. Every couple of days you should also change out the water in the buckets for fresh. This step ensures that no mold or bacteria grow on the flower stems or harms the buds.
  • Floral preservatives, homemade and store-bought, can also help extend the life of your bulk roses before the big day.

Nine ideas for using your bulk roses

Bulk roses are an extremely versatile flower for weddings. All you need is a little creativity to incorporate them into the wedding and reception. If you don’t have any ideas for using your roses, try one—or all—of the nine suggestions below. Or, mix and match for a wedding style that is distinctly your own.

  • Bouquets

The number one most common place to find a flower in a wedding is in the bouquet. This is also a very traditional place to put roses. You can use the roses for just the bride, or for all of the bridesmaids. Using different colored roses for bride and bridesmaid bouquets can be a bold and very meaningful statement since the different color roses have different meanings. 

Roses are a very versatile bouquet flower. They can be used alone or in combinations. You could even choose to pair the large flowers of the rose with smaller flowers for a striking contrast.

  • Centerpieces

Probably the most common way flowers are used in a wedding reception is in a centerpiece. You can make centerpieces out of literally anything. Choose a container from items you like or that means something in your relationship. Like bouquets, the roses can be used alone or in a large arrangement.


You don’t even have to just use flowers in a centerpiece. Just make sure that the guests can see around or through the centerpiece so that they can talk to everyone at their table.

  • Pomanders

Pomanders were traditionally used as balls of perfume. But, at a wedding a ball of roses is a wonderful and good-smelling sight. There are plenty of instructions for making rose pomanders online, like here. You can carry them in lieu of a bouquet, or you can hang the rose pomander around the church or hall for a beautiful visual decoration.

  • Staircase and aisle decoration

You can also use bulk roses to decorate staircases and aisle rows. Often people will hang fabric along banisters or in the aisles. You can attach roses directly to this fabric, or just string up the roses using a mesh. Bulk roses are specifically ideal for this type of decoration because you will have a lot to use, so you can make an impressive looking decoration.

  • Rose wedding cake

Don’t be afraid to decorate your wedding cake with flowers, and roses in particular. You can place roses between the cake stands for layer cakes. Or you could put roses around the outside of a frosted cake. Just make sure that the roses do not detract from your cake decorations. And, although roses are an edible flower, never eat roses unless they have specifically been bred to be eaten.

  • Table runner

If centerpieces aren’t your thing, try using your bulk roses in a table runner. Again, because you receive so many roses in bulk order, you can easily use them as part of a rustic or elegant table runner decorations. And, with this type of decoration, you don’t have to worry about lines of sight.

  • Crown

Nothing is more rustic and beautiful than a rose crown. You will have to de-thorn the roses first. But, once you know that you won’t get hurt, a rose crown is a great replacement for a traditional veil. For rose crowns, you should purchase the bulk roses with the longest stems, as this is what you use to weave the crown. 

  • Homemade confetti

With bulk roses, you can make your own confetti. This is a work-intensive option because you have to remove the rose flowers. But, if you are a DIY-enthusiast or someone who loves homemade things, making your own rose confetti can be a good choice. And, the repetitive activity may be meditative and help you destress from the rest of the wedding planning. So, this option gets you two benefits for the price of one. 

  • Ice bucket display

Finally, you can remove some of the rose petals and freeze them into ice cubes. The rose ice cubes then can be used in ice buckets and other ice displays. If you want a classy and subtle rose decoration, then ice cubes are definitely the way to go.

What Wholesale Flowers can offer you

At Wholesale Flowers, we offer flowers at wholesale prices in bulk for any consumer. You don’t have to be a professional to purchase our flowers. Instead, you order the flowers from us and they are shipped directly from a farm to your door. It’s that easy.

Wholesale Flowers offers a wide variety of bulk roses, any of which will be perfect for a wedding. As you can see from our Roses page, we offer white, pink, red, yellow, lavender, orange, peach/cream, bicolor yellow/red, bicolor pink/white, green, and spray roses. Each of these categories of color comes with a number of different roses in that color to choose from. It is safe to say, with all these options Wholesale Flowers has the rose (or roses) are will be perfect for your wedding.

Our bulk roses come with three different packaging options: 75 stems per box (27.5 inches long), 100 stems per box (19.5 inches long), and 100 stems per box (23.5 inches long). Our spray roses are offered at 50 stems per box (16-20 inches long). Clearly, at Wholesale Flowers, we like to give you options when it comes to bulk roses. Choose the color, variety, size, and number of stems that are ideal for you and your event. 

At Wholesale Flowers, we aim to make your bulk rose to buy easy. Whether you are purchasing only one color/type in bulk or looking for many different options, we’re here to help. For the last fifteen years we have been working in the flower industry. Therefore, we know how to ship and care for the best bulk roses you can find anywhere. 


In conclusion, if you are looking to use roses in your wedding, you should consider purchasing them in bulk from Wholesale Flowers. Your satisfaction is paramount to us. We can handle orders of any size, yet we will personally inspect and ensure that every rose stem we ship to you is perfect. Our flowers are our pride here at Wholesale Flowers. For small showers, large weddings, or even larger events, Wholesale Flowers has the bulk flower options you need.

We know that planning a wedding can be stressful. Don’t let finding the perfect bulk roses add to that stress. Purchase your bulk roses from Wholesale Flowers, and rest assured that this very important aspect of your wedding is taken care of. Our customer service agents are standing by for your call. Contact Wholesale Flowers today.