• Why are Hydrangeas Such Popular Wedding Flowers?

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    Hydrangeas are a very common flower. They are some of the most well-known decorations in any context, but especially weddings. In this article we will explain why hydrangeas are such a popular wedding flower. And, we will give you ideas on how to use them for your wedding and beyond. So, if you want to learn more about hydrangeas and their many uses, read on. This article is for you.


    All about hydrangeas

    Hydrangea is actually the name of a genus of flowers. There are about one hundred species of hydrangeas in the world. Most hydrangeas are native to southeastern Asia and the Americas. All hydrangeas are distinctive because of their huge bunches of smallish flowers. Most hydrangeas you will find have five or nine-inch heads.

    There are three main types of hydrangeas: mophead, panicle, and lacecap. Mophead hydrangeas are the most common. These are the flower bunches that are in a globe shape. Panicle hydrangeas have a cone-shaped flower bunch. And, lacecap hydrangeas have a flatten bunch of tiny buds and petals. All of the bulk hydrangeas at Wholesale Flowers are of the mophead variety.  

    Hydrangeas were first discovered and cultivated in ancient Japan. However, there are hydrangea fossils that are 40-65 million years old from North and South America. Hydrangeas didn’t come to Europe until the 18th century. This is an inedible type of flower because the petals contain tiny amounts of cyanide. But, they are extremely popular as both a decoration and a landscaping flower. 

    Why hydrangeas are popular wedding flowers

    These large flower clusters are an extremely popular wedding flower for many reasons. We’ve listed the top reasons to consider hydrangeas for your wedding below.

    • As any bride and groom know, weddings are expensive. Even if you are planning on doing your wedding DIY, you still have a lot of costs. Because hydrangeas are so large, they are extremely cost-effective, especially if you buy them in bulk from a great online retailer like Wholesale Flowers.
    • Hydrangeas come in a wide variety of colors, both natural and unnatural. Let’s begin with natural colors. There are dozens of hydrangea colors available. At Wholesale Flowers, we offer an assortment, antique green, blue, green kiwi, lavender select, light blue, pink select, purple select, red antique, and white. 

    In addition to the natural colors, hydrangeas lend themselves to being airbrushed. Green or white hydrangeas are used for this process. Thus, an infinite number of other color combinations are possible. At Wholesale Flowers we offer antique silver, black, California blue, California magenta, California orange, celeste green, celeste lilac, celeste purple, coral antique, green, hot pink, kiwi coral, light blue, light green antique, light pink, light yellow, magenta, metallic aqua, metallic black, metallic blue, metallic green, metallic orange, morazul, Nevada blach, Nevada green tall, Nevada hot pink, Nevada lilac, orange “Curasao,” purple, red, vintage purple, yellow, yellow “Brazil,” and yellow/white as our airbrushed hydrangea colors. Clearly, you can find the hydrangea that will fit your wedding’s color scheme without any problem.

    • Hydrangeas come in a couple of different sizes. There are five or nine-inch flower clusters. Plus, mini green hydrangeas are also available if you want a major size difference in your flower arrangements.
    • Hydrangeas symbolize beauty and grace, which makes them a great wedding flower. They also represent gratitude, another good meaning to insert in a wedding. So, if you are someone who cares about flower’s meanings, the hydrangea lends itself to wedding sentiments.
    • You can use hydrangeas by themselves or with other flowers. This versatility also makes them extremely popular for weddings. Plus, because they are a larger flower, you don’t need many others to make up a great bouquet or centerpiece, again lower the cost of your wedding.

    How to use hydrangeas in a wedding

    Hydrangeas can be used in weddings in a number of ways. The most common is obviously centerpieces and bouquets, but you will find them many other places as well. Below we’ve listed seven ideas for how to use hydrangeas at your wedding.

    • Color matching bouquets for the bride or bridal party work very well. For example, you could pair pink hydrangeas with pink roses and green pittosporum variegated for a full, classic bouquet. Another great and sophisticated wedding bouquet idea is to use white hydrangeas with white roses and greenery.
    • Hydrangeas make a full centerpiece when used in bunches of three or four. Because of the color options, you could include three or four complimenting colors in the centerpiece, which will add interest and brightness to any reception table. Wholesale Flowers’ assorted hydrangeas would be a great choice for this suggestion.
    • Mini green hydrangeas used as boutonnieres. You can also cut down the large hydrangea bunches for this purpose but be careful that each of the boutonnieres is the same size.
    • You can use the large hydrangea flowers as a table runner instead of a centerpiece. All you have to do is attach them to the runner. Any color will work for this purpose but adding some contrast with multi-colored hydrangeas or greenery would be best.
    • Use full hydrangea bunches or just the smaller flowers on your wedding cake. Often hydrangeas are used to decorate in between the layers of the cake. Just remember that hydrangeas are not edible and should be removed before eating.
    • Hydrangeas lend themselves to being used in wreaths. For this purpose, you can either use floral wire or foam. What’s great about hydrangeas in wreaths is that they make those decorations extremely full and noticeable. For weddings, heart-shaped wreaths are, of course, the most popular. But, you could put hydrangeas into wreaths of any design.
    • No matter where you hold your wedding ceremony, you can incorporate hydrangeas into the You can use single stems by themselves or in a container like a mason jar for an aisle decoration. You can also use hydrangeas to fill out a wedding arch. For these decorations, we recommend choosing a hydrangea color that matches the color scheme of your wedding.

    Other uses for hydrangeas outside of a wedding

    Hydrangeas are not just perfect for weddings. They have a wide variety of uses in the home and for almost any event. Because of their cost-effectiveness and versatility, try incorporating hydrangeas into your next event. Here are a couple of ways to do just that.

    • Hydrangeas work great in any type of flower arrangement for any event. You don’t just have to use them for weddings. In fact, they work perfectly by themselves in a vase in your home. But, just as with weddings, you can dress them up by adding other types of flowers or greenery. Plus, remember that the container you choose goes a long way towards indicating the event’s atmosphere.
    • Additionally, hydrangeas lend themselves to any type of

    How to store hydrangeas before your wedding

    Storing hydrangeas is an important part of keeping them looking great for your wedding. These are not long-lasting flowers. In fact, hydrangeas are prone to wilting quickly after they are cut. Take the following precautions to make sure that your hydrangeas continue to look great on your big day.

    • Make sure your hydrangeas are delivered one to two days before the wedding. This gives them time to rehydrate but is soon enough that they will not wilt.
    • Hydrangeas are another flower that loves water. Make sure to recut the stem on a diagonal right after you receive the hydrangea. Then keep them in water until the wedding. Keep an eye on the water levels.
    • If some of your hydrangeas do wilt, don’t panic. Just place them in recently boiling water for thirty seconds. Then put them back in their normal water and watch the water levels. This will help recolor the wilted flowers.
    • Using a hydrangea preservative can help keep the flowers fresh as well. You can purchase some at a florist, but the easiest answer is to make your own.
    • When you are ready to use the hydrangea, the flower cluster may be very heavy. To support it you can use florist tape and chicken wire or a wooden stick for extra stem support.

    Other popular wedding flowers

    As we mentioned above, hydrangeas are not the only popular wedding flower. You will probably want to use them to add interest to arrangements, centerpieces, or bouquets. But, most people do not plan their wedding flowers solely as hydrangeas. Here are a few other popular wedding flowers that will work perfectly with the hydrangeas you have already purchased in bulk from Wholesale Flowers.

    • Roses: By far the number one most popular wedding flower ever, the rose is usually at the top of every list. You get the best deal by buying roses in bulk for your wedding. These versatile and classic flowers can be used to add an element of romance to the day. For some weddings, you may want to use roses in addition to another flower in order to modernize the atmosphere.
    • Calla Lilies: Speaking of modern flowers, calla lilies—both standard size and mini—are elegant and modern. These amazing flowers have a bell shape and will work well in almost any arrangement.
    • Orchids: Orchids are a little bit larger but can add a big burst of color into your wedding. These flowers are a classic choice for bouquets. You can also use them as centerpieces.
    • Lilies: Lilies are another large flower that can dominate the wedding if not used judiciously. However, they make unusual and striking bouquets. For spring weddings, you really can’t beat the lily.
    • Baby’s breath: Yes, these are flowers too. One of the most classic filler flowers, baby’s breath is a great choice for adding white and contrast into any wedding decoration. Wholesale Flowers offers two types of baby’s breath: Gyp million stars and Gyp new love.

    Why Wholesale Flowers’ hydrangeas are the best

    Here at Wholesale Flowers, we can provide any of the flowers you need for your wedding. Yet, you will especially want to consider Wholesale Flowers for bulk hydrangea purchases. Not only do we have a huge variety of colors—as described in detail above—but you also cannot beat our prices.

    When you purchase bulk hydrangeas from Wholesale Flowers you get a lot of options. Our airbrushed hydrangeas come twelve stems per box. The price per stem is $6.90 and you will get a vase life of approximately one to two weeks. One thing to keep in mind with the airbrushed hydrangeas is that the paint may rub off somewhat during shipping. Our natural colored hydrangeas can be purchased as either five inches in boxes of fifteen stems or nine-inch heads in boxes of six stems. 

    Wholesale Flowers has over fifteen years of experience in the floral industry. Plus, our location in Miami, Florida is perfect for growing and shipping the best flowers to you. You can rest assured that when you purchase from Wholesale Flowers you are only getting the best hydrangeas. Our company is large enough to handle any size order, but also small enough to ensure the quality of every hydrangea that leaves our facility. 


    Hydrangeas can make a bold statement in any wedding while also being a good cost-saving measure. Because of the number of choices, you can always find the hydrangea that will best fit the décor and theme of your wedding. Hydrangeas are not just good for bouquets or centerpieces. As this article has shown, there are a lot of ways to use the hydrangea in your wedding. Be creative, and you will love working with this versatile flower.


    When you are ready to purchase hydrangeas for your wedding, contact Wholesale Flowers. We have the expertise and passion to ensure only the highest quality hydrangeas get shipped to you. If you want farm-grown, beautiful hydrangeas to use in your wedding, then call Wholesale Flowers today. We are ready and waiting for your call.

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  • How To Display Orchids at Your Next Event

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    If you want to make your next event extremely special, why not display orchids? It doesn’t matter the event, orchids say class and elegance in all their uses. These amazing flowers don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg either. Just buy orchids in bulk from Wholesale Flowers.

    Throughout this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about orchids and how to care for bulk orchids before your event. We will also give you some great ideas on how to use orchids at your next event. So, if you are an event planner or just trying to modernize the look of your next social gathering, this article is for you.

    All about orchids

    Before we discuss how to display orchids at an event, it is worthwhile to discuss orchids themselves. These striking flowers have a reputation for being extremely hard to grow at home. But, that has not stopped the popularity of the orchid from skyrocketing in recent years.

    One of the reasons for this increase in popularity of the orchid is the many diverse types of orchids available. There are actually over 880 genera of orchid, and around 22,000 species in total. That’s obviously a crazy amount. No one location will have that many orchids available. However, a good bulk retailer like Wholesale Flowers will have a large variety of orchids available for you to choose from.

    Orchid Facts:

    So, back to the orchid in general.

    The orchid family (Orchidaceae) is one of the two largest families of flowering plants. Although there are so many different species of orchid, they all have some similar aspects, which is what connects them in the family. All orchids are perennial.

    Although orchids are primarily associated with the tropics, some thrive in other climates. In fact, they can grow almost anywhere on Earth—they have even been found above the Arctic Circle. North America itself has twenty to twenty-six different genera of native orchid.

    There are so many different species of orchid in the world that it is hard to point to too many other similarities that hold true for all species all the time. But, one final commonality is the drooping shape of the orchid flowers. Wholesale Flowers offers two genera of orchid—Dendrobium and Cymbidium—which will be discussed in more detail in the next section.

    Wholesale Flowers’ Orchids:

    Here at Wholesale Flowers, we offer two different genera of orchid: Dendrobium and Cymbidium. Although these two genera of orchid have their differences, they also have similarities. To help you choose the best orchid for your next event, we will describe Dendrobium and Cymbidium orchids in detail below.


    Dendrobium orchids are evergreen and have tall, thin stems. This genus of orchid originated in Southeast Asia. It is a huge genus, with around 1,200 species of orchid. All of Dendrobium orchid species grow on other plants—this is called being an epiphyte. The flowers of Dendrobium orchids are arranged in a spray pattern. Essentially, each stem has about eight to eleven flowers on it.

    Dendrobium orchids are often considering a great beginner orchid. However, they typically need to be grown at temperatures over fifty degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, you need to make sure that you get the water and light requirements just right. That is why purchasing bulk Dendrobium orchids from Wholesale Flowers for your next event is probably the way to go. You still get to enjoy these gorgeous flower sprays without worrying about growing them yourself.


    Cymbidium orchids are also arranged in sprays of flowers. The sprays are much longer than on Dendrobium orchids. The blooms themselves are also much larger. You get the same eight to eleven blooms per sprays, but the flowers themselves are between 2.5 and 3.5 inches across. Because of their size, Cymbidiums are best used as focal points in displays.

    There are two types of Cymbidium orchids: standards and miniatures. They originated in the foothills of the Himalayas, which means they do okay in cooler conditions. And, they will not grow well in areas where the nighttime temperatures fall below fifty-eight degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, most people in the U.S. would be best to purchase their Cymbidium orchids in bulk from Wholesale Flowers.   

    At Wholesale Flowers, you will find both Dendrobium and Cymbidium orchids in a variety of colors. For Dendrobiums we offer Beloved, Bicolor purple/white, Blue, Blue Bom, Bom, Candy Stripe, Candy Stripe Lite, Dang-Sa-Ard, Gold Bom, Green, Jade, Light Pink, Miss Thailand, Pink, Pompadour, Purple, Queen Pink, Redbull, Sabin, Sakura, Star, Triple Pink, Violet, White, White Dyed Blue, and White Hybrid colors. For Cymbidiums we offer White, Green, Hot Pink, Pink, and Yellow colors.

    Why orchids for events?

    Now that you know all about orchids, you may be wondering why you should use them for events. While flowers, in general, provide a lot of benefits when used in event displays, orchids are especially appealing. Here are a few reasons why you should consider orchids when planning your next event.

    • Orchids have a modern, yet classic look. The spray flower formations of both Dendrobium and Cymbidium orchids draw the eye. Even if you use other flowers in the displays, orchids will be a focal point and add elegance to the event.
    • Many flowers have been overused in event displays, the orchid is not one of these. In fact, the identifiable shape of the drooping flowers provides a much more sophisticated and unusual feel than the more common rose and lily.
    • Flowers, in general, have a calming effect, which will only improve the event’s atmosphere. Orchids may even improve people’s ability to concentrate and increase their mood.
    • Although they are a striking flower, the small nature of the orchid—and the many colors/types available—make it very versatile.

    How to use orchids in displays

    There is no right way to use orchids in displays for events. There are so many different species and colors of orchid that all you really need is a little creativity to create a stunning display. Below we’ve listed some considerations to keep in mind when planning your orchid displays.

    • Color coordination

    If your event has a color theme, you may want to purchase orchids that compliment the colors. There are so many different colors of orchids—as the selection at Wholesale Flowers illustrates—that it is easy to find an orchid to match any color scheme. Some orchids even have two tones, like the Beloved (purple and white), Candy Stripe (purple and white stripes), or Gold Bom (gold and purple).
    Orchids used in all white arrangements, especially for weddings, are a very popular choice. If you want to go this route, we’d recommend the Dendrobiums White or White Hybrid.
    • Contrast

    However, you may not want the orchids to compliment your color scheme. Instead, orchids are also a great choice to add contrast. Because they are similar, yet different, displays with Dendrobiums and Cymbidiums in two different colors will contrast each other nicely.
    You could also use a color wheel to find a great contrasting color to use in your event. For example, an event with a red or red-violet color scheme could have displays with green or yellow-green orchids for contrast. Even with the unusual green color in this example, Wholesale Flowers will have you covered. We offer Green Cymbidiums and Green and Jade Dendrobiums. 
    • Texture

    Orchids also lend themselves to textured arrangements. The long, thin sprays of both Dendrobium and Cymbidium orchids can be put with smaller, rounder flowers like roses or daisies. You can also choose to play up the long, thin texture of the orchid and its clusters of flowers by adding grass, stems, or other similarly textured elements. Here are a few orchid arrangement ideas.

    Orchid display/bouquet ideas 

    • Change up the container.

    Often you will see orchids placed in decorative plastic bowls. But, this doesn’t have to be the case. When you are displaying orchids for your next event, the container really determines what kind of atmosphere the flowers create. Large metallic or glass vases work great for a modern look. On the other hand, rustic wooden bowls will provide a more traditional atmosphere.
    Make sure that the pot you choose is deep enough for the orchids, other flowers (if any), and the water. Other than that, there are not really any rules with it comes to containers for your orchid display.
    • Orchids alone or with other flowers.

    If you Google “orchid displays,” you will likely find a number of images of orchids displayed alone. Both Dendrobiums and Cymbidiums are striking enough on their own, that they don’t really need any other flowers included in their displays. Or add flowers of the two genera together for a bold statement.
    You could also choose to use orchids in combination with other flowers. Orchids are such versatile flowers that they look good with almost anything else. However, you could try roses, magnolias for a romantic feel. Putting together tulips, hyacinth, and orchids that complement one another’s colors makes for a very refreshing display as well. Play around and find the flower combination that works best for your event.
    • Different top dressing options.

    Topdressing refers to the material that you put over the soil in orchid pots. While this feature is typically used for potted orchids, you can also use it to your advantage in event displays. Putting some peat moss or even non-organic materials like glass pebbles adds another great element to your orchid event display.

    Orchid care instructions

    Obviously, orchids, even bulk orchids are not cheap. You want to make sure that you are getting the most for your money. That is why it is so important to take proper care of your orchids after they are delivered. Follow the instructions below in order to get the most time out of these beautiful, but finicky, flowers.

    • Keep the stems and flowers well-watered. When you first get the orchids home, make sure to mist the flowers with water. You should also store them in buckets full of water or well-hydrated floral foam.
    • You may also want to use flower food. You can purchase orchid preservative from a florist, or you can make your own.
    • Always cut the orchid stems on the diagonal. Make sure that you do not cut off too much of the stem for your chosen display container.
    • As with all cut flowers, change the water frequently—at least every two days.
    • Try not to take delivery of the orchids too far in advance of your event. You want the flowers to continue looking their best in the displays. A day or two before the event is as early as you should get the orchids.

    How many orchids in a bulk order?

    When we are talking about ordering orchids in bulk, that means that you will receive a large number of orchid stems for a much smaller per-stem price then you would be buying them individually.

    At Wholesale Flowers, we offer our Dendrobium orchids in bunches of ten stems each. Every one of our boxes will come with sixty stems. And, if you assume that the Dendrobium orchids each have approximately ten flowers per stem, that’s six-hundred flowers per box. For a $17.10 bunch price, you really can’t beat that.

    Our prices on orchids vary depending on the type of Cymbidium orchids you choose. But, we provide boxes of stems from these orchids. The price for stem will be between $23 and $23.50. Considering that Cymbidium orchids are much larger than Dendrobium orchids, that is still a great deal for you the event planner or DIY host.  


    Hopefully, after reading this article you know a little bit more about orchids. Obviously, there are many different genus and species of orchid that we haven’t even had a chance to mention. However, for an event, we highly recommend Dendrobiums and Cymbidiums because of their elegance and striking visual effect.

    If you want the best in bulk orchids, try Wholesale Flowers. We have over fifteen years of experience in the flower industry. So, you know you are getting quality when you choose Wholesale Flowers. Our customer service representatives are ready to answer any questions you may have about your orchid order, you can also check out of the FAQ page. Contact Wholesale Flowers today and let us provide the best flowers around for your next event.

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  • Bulk Roses for Weddings

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    Is there any flower more recognizable than the rose? Probably not. Roses have been a symbol of love and passion since at least the ancient Greeks and Romans. Today there are seemingly infinite varieties and colors of roses to choose from. And, each color comes with its own sub-meaning as well. So, it makes sense that roses are a popular choice for weddings.

    Yet, as anyone who’s ever bought a bouquet of roses knows, these beautiful flowers are extremely expensive. A dozen roses would not be such a good gift otherwise. But, if you are interested in using roses at your wedding, don’t let the price get you down. Just buy the roses in bulk.

    If you are new to bulk flowers and how to use them, we’ve got the article for you. Here you will find all of the information you need to know about bulk roses, how to care for them, and how to incorporate them into your wedding. And, when you are ready to purchase bulk roses for yourself, try the ones offered by Wholesale Flowers. We have bulk roses for every occasion, including your wedding.

    What do we mean by bulk roses?

    Bulk flowers are like anything else in bulk. When you buy bulk roses, you are getting a large number of roses for a discount.

    There are a few misconceptions about bulk flowers, and roses specifically, that we feel we should clear up before continuing on with this article.

    Misconceptions about buying flowers in bulk:

    • Buying bulk roses are more expensive.

    Yes, you may be intimidated by the price you see on bulk roses. However, when you consider the number of stems you receive for the price, it is actually much less than if you were to order smaller numbers of roses. For example, if you were to receive 100 stems for around $95—as is common from Wholesale Flowers—you would be spending less than a dollar a rose. This is much less than the two or three dollars per rose that you can spend when buying a bouquet.

    • Bulk roses are not great quality.

    Just because bulk roses are not as expensive does not mean that they are any less quality. One of the biggest misconceptions of purchasing online, bulk roses is that they will not be as nice. This just isn’t the case. In fact, when you purchase online, bulk roses you are receiving the freshest and most convenient flowers available. Here at Wholesale Flowers we ship our high-quality bulk roses to you directly from our trusted farms after they are quality inspected.

    • You won’t have a lot of options if you buy online.

    While you always need to be careful about the retailer you choose, purchasing bulk roses online does not limit your options. Wholesale Flowers offers bulk roses in a variety of sizes, colors, and types. For the tope bulk roses supplies, you will likely have more rose options for a better price than you would be purchasing the roses from a traditional brick and mortar store.

    Why use bulk roses for a wedding?

    As mentioned at the very beginning of this article, roses have been associated with love and marriage for thousands of years. What’s amazing is that roses have not changed in meaning or use in all that time. What has changed is the variety of rose types and colors available for purchase.

     In 2019 there are literally hundreds of rose color combinations and varieties to choose from. Although all roses mean love and passion, the different rose colors also have their own sub-meanings. These include red for romance, yellow for joy, white for innocence, peach for gratitude, and so on.

     And, this is just the colors. There are also seemingly infinite varieties of roses with many different types of flower sizes and petal shapes. While the different rose varieties do not have their own sub-meanings, they can still offer contrast to wedding decorations and arrangements. With all of the options available, you can completely customize your wedding’s look with bulk roses. It’s no wonder roses are such a popular wedding flower.

    How to store bulk roses before your wedding?

    Now that you’ve decided on purchasing bulk roses for your wedding, you need to know how to store them. Typically, it is not a good idea to take your flower delivery on the day of the wedding. You will need time to make the decorations and bouquets. But, to keep the bulk roses looking nice, don’t skip the following steps.

    • Make sure you have enough buckets for all of the roses. The buckets should be large enough to hold the stems of the roses and water. Don’t clean the buckets with harsh soap or bleach, just dish soap will be fine.
    • Cut the stems of the bulk roses diagonally before you put them in the buckets. You will want to recut the rose stems every two days.
    • Fill the buckets with warm water. Warm water will hydrate the roses better than cold water. Every couple of days you should also change out the water in the buckets for fresh. This step ensures that no mold or bacteria grow on the flower stems or harms the buds.
    • Floral preservatives, homemade and store-bought, can also help extend the life of your bulk roses before the big day.

    Nine ideas for using your bulk roses

    Bulk roses are an extremely versatile flower for weddings. All you need is a little creativity to incorporate them into the wedding and reception. If you don’t have any ideas for using your roses, try one—or all—of the nine suggestions below. Or, mix and match for a wedding style that is distinctly your own.

    • Bouquets

    The number one most common place to find a flower in a wedding is in the bouquet. This is also a very traditional place to put roses. You can use the roses for just the bride, or for all of the bridesmaids. Using different colored roses for bride and bridesmaid bouquets can be a bold and very meaningful statement since the different color roses have different meanings. 
    Roses are a very versatile bouquet flower. They can be used alone or in combinations. You could even choose to pair the large flowers of the rose with smaller flowers for a striking contrast.
    • Centerpieces

    Probably the most common way flowers are used in a wedding reception is in a centerpiece. You can make centerpieces out of literally anything. Choose a container from items you like or that means something in your relationship. Like bouquets, the roses can be used alone or in a large arrangement.
    You don’t even have to just use flowers in a centerpiece. Just make sure that the guests can see around or through the centerpiece so that they can talk to everyone at their table.
    • Pomanders

    Pomanders were traditionally used as balls of perfume. But, at a wedding a ball of roses is a wonderful and good-smelling sight. There are plenty of instructions for making rose pomanders online, like here. You can carry them in lieu of a bouquet, or you can hang the rose pomander around the church or hall for a beautiful visual decoration.

    • Staircase and aisle decoration

    You can also use bulk roses to decorate staircases and aisle rows. Often people will hang fabric along banisters or in the aisles. You can attach roses directly to this fabric, or just string up the roses using a mesh. Bulk roses are specifically ideal for this type of decoration because you will have a lot to use, so you can make an impressive looking decoration.

    • Rose wedding cake

    Don’t be afraid to decorate your wedding cake with flowers, and roses in particular. You can place roses between the cake stands for layer cakes. Or you could put roses around the outside of a frosted cake. Just make sure that the roses do not detract from your cake decorations. And, although roses are an edible flower, never eat roses unless they have specifically been bred to be eaten.

    • Table runner

    If centerpieces aren’t your thing, try using your bulk roses in a table runner. Again, because you receive so many roses in bulk order, you can easily use them as part of a rustic or elegant table runner decorations. And, with this type of decoration, you don’t have to worry about lines of sight.

    • Crown

    Nothing is more rustic and beautiful than a rose crown. You will have to de-thorn the roses first. But, once you know that you won’t get hurt, a rose crown is a great replacement for a traditional veil. For rose crowns, you should purchase the bulk roses with the longest stems, as this is what you use to weave the crown. 

    • Homemade confetti

    With bulk roses, you can make your own confetti. This is a work-intensive option because you have to remove the rose flowers. But, if you are a DIY-enthusiast or someone who loves homemade things, making your own rose confetti can be a good choice. And, the repetitive activity may be meditative and help you destress from the rest of the wedding planning. So, this option gets you two benefits for the price of one. 

    • Ice bucket display

    Finally, you can remove some of the rose petals and freeze them into ice cubes. The rose ice cubes then can be used in ice buckets and other ice displays. If you want a classy and subtle rose decoration, then ice cubes are definitely the way to go.

    What Wholesale Flowers can offer you

    At Wholesale Flowers, we offer flowers at wholesale prices in bulk for any consumer. You don’t have to be a professional to purchase our flowers. Instead, you order the flowers from us and they are shipped directly from a farm to your door. It’s that easy.

    Wholesale Flowers offers a wide variety of bulk roses, any of which will be perfect for a wedding. As you can see from our Roses page, we offer white, pink, red, yellow, lavender, orange, peach/cream, bicolor yellow/red, bicolor pink/white, green, and spray roses. Each of these categories of color comes with a number of different roses in that color to choose from. It is safe to say, with all these options Wholesale Flowers has the rose (or roses) are will be perfect for your wedding.

    Our bulk roses come with three different packaging options: 75 stems per box (27.5 inches long), 100 stems per box (19.5 inches long), and 100 stems per box (23.5 inches long). Our spray roses are offered at 50 stems per box (16-20 inches long). Clearly, at Wholesale Flowers, we like to give you options when it comes to bulk roses. Choose the color, variety, size, and number of stems that are ideal for you and your event. 

    At Wholesale Flowers, we aim to make your bulk rose to buy easy. Whether you are purchasing only one color/type in bulk or looking for many different options, we’re here to help. For the last fifteen years we have been working in the flower industry. Therefore, we know how to ship and care for the best bulk roses you can find anywhere. 


    In conclusion, if you are looking to use roses in your wedding, you should consider purchasing them in bulk from Wholesale Flowers. Your satisfaction is paramount to us. We can handle orders of any size, yet we will personally inspect and ensure that every rose stem we ship to you is perfect. Our flowers are our pride here at Wholesale Flowers. For small showers, large weddings, or even larger events, Wholesale Flowers has the bulk flower options you need.

    We know that planning a wedding can be stressful. Don’t let finding the perfect bulk roses add to that stress. Purchase your bulk roses from Wholesale Flowers, and rest assured that this very important aspect of your wedding is taken care of. Our customer service agents are standing by for your call. Contact Wholesale Flowers today.

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  • Agapanthus

    Posted on by Juan Palacio

    shutterstock_55957948_1024x1024Common name: African lily, Lily of the Nile.

    • Availability: January to December, with different varieties peaking within that period.
    • Vase life: Aprox 4-6 days as the flower opens, then a further 7-14 in flower.
    • Flower notes: A hugely popular garden flower and a favorite of landscape designers due to its large showy spherical head and upright, leafless stem. Tall stem length.
    • Color range: Blue, purple, white.
    • Flower trivia: its name comes from ancient Greek and means “love flower”.

    Care and Handling:

    • Prone to flower drop, to help prevent this, re-cut stems frequently to keep a fresh flow of water to the flower head.
    • Never leave out of water as the flower dries out easily.
    • Re-cut stems and stand in clean, fresh water with flower food.
    • Change water every 2-3 days, re-cutting stems each time.
    • Agapanthus has a strong sturdy stem and is equally effective arranged in a vase or in floral foam- if using foam, ensure it is soaked thoroughly before use and is not allowed to dry out.
    • Arrange with tall, bold flowers such as gladioulus or lilies.

    For weddings:

    • Smaller headed Agapanthus are suitable for using in both bridal bouquets and tied posies. Dramatic and eye-catching, larger headed varieties would stand out in arrangements either in vases or in floral foam. Perfect summer wedding flowers.

    View our Agapanthus offering here

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  • 3 Flower Tips for Cash Conscious Moms, to Keep Your Home in Bloom All Year Round

    Posted on by Juan Palacio

    Do you wish your house always smelled and looked as good as it does on Mother’s day or your birthday? Henri Matisse once said “There are always flowers for those who want to see them,” but unfortunately, for most modern families, flowers are an expensive expenditure reserved for birthdays and celebrations.

    British singer Elton John made the front pages back in early 2000s after reportedly spending $450K on flowers in less than 2 years, but contrary to popular opinion you don’t need to be a multi-millionaire to keep your home well-stocked with flowers throughout the year.

    So how can ‘everyday joes and janes’ keep their houses colorful and fresh with flowers throughout the year, without signing a record deal or winning the lottery? We have compiled some tips for budget conscious homemakers, to make their homes blossom to life without breaking the bank regardless of the season.

    1. Peruse and plan for the perfect purchases

    For many of us, the only time that we will really spend much time researching flowers and their blooming seasons will be when planning for a wedding or special event. However, if we change our mentality about flowers, and try to make them a ‘year round’ feature in our homes, rather than a luxury, then we can begin to be more tactical in our flower buying behaviour.

    Try to find a local flower market, or build a relationship with on online wholesale florist who would be willing to offer ‘bulk’ discounts for regular customers. Make yourself a calendar of your favorite flowers blooming seasons, and work out which of your preferred petals are cheapest to buy at different times of the year.

    There are lots of resources online which can show you which flowers are in season when, which will add a nice touch of variety to your home throughout the year, and also keep costs low. You should also be aware that prices for popular flowers such as roses spike around special days like valentine's day, so try to choose more affordable, less known - but equally as beautiful - flowers like Alstroemeria or Gerbera Daisies during these times.

    A little bit of research will introduce you to loads of amazing new smells and colors you have never heard of, for a fraction of the prices of well-known buys like lilies or orchids.

    2. Make your flowers last longer with ‘grandmas’ flower remedy tips

    As poet Sanober Khan wrote “The magic fades too fast, the scent of summer never lasts…” Unless they are plastic, the sad reality is that cut flowers will not live for ever. The lifespan depends on the type of flower, and the environment in which it is displayed, but common house flowers like roses usually last anything between 6 and 20 days.

    Certain types of flowers, such as Anthuriums and Phalaenopsis (Orchids) have longer life spans, and along with regular watering and keeping them out of direct sunlight there are also some home remedies to extend the life of your home garnishes.

    Pouring a small cup (¼ full) of clear sodas like 7-Up or Sprite into a vase full of cut flowers will make the blossoms last longer. You can also add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 2 tablespoons of sugar for the same effect. When using regular water, or either of ‘grandma's’ tips, you should still change the water at least every couple of days, to maximize the lifespan and reduce trips to the florist.
    Sterilizing the water to kill excess bacteria is also a way to keep your flowers looking and smelling fresh. There are various ways to do this. Add a few drops of vodka or any other clear alcohol along with a tablespoon of sugar. Chuck a copper penny or crush an aspirin into the vase water, or even a ¼ teaspoon of bleach per liter of water.

    Just like when you are in a rush to make it out the door, hairspray can also save the day. From a safe distance of about a foot away give your flowers a quick spray on the undersides of the leaves and petals and watch them shine.

    3. A cut above the rest

    Most of us make the mistake of throwing pre-cut flowers straight into a vase without any thought. However, to extend their lifespan experts suggest re-cutting the stems at an angle with a pair of scissors while the bottom of the stem is below water. This opens the flower’s vasculature, offering more oxygen and nutrients and could extend their lives by days if not longer.


    Moms learn lots of neat tricks to get the most out of stuff at home, and make every penny count. Flowers, like clothes and leftover food, can be given an extra breath of life, if we put in a little time and energy. So instead of buying scented candles and aerosols, go natural and make flowers a regular part of your home routine. Then wait for the compliments to roll in from everyone who passes through your door or past your window.

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