Alstroemeria Assorted

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  • Packed 60 stems per box
  • 10 stems per bunch
  • Price per bunch $17.55
$ 105.28
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Sometimes referred to as Peruvian lilies, this is a very easy-to-find flower that is mostly used as a filler in an arrangement. Alstroemerias look stunning if you use them alone, pulling together a ton of just one color in a beautiful vase. To prep them, strip off the leaves by quickly running your hand down the stem (against the natural growth of the leaves). They'll fall off easily.

 The alstroemeria is graded by stem length and number of blooms per stem. Our wholesale alstroemerias are 70+cm (27-30”) in length with 4-5 blooms per stem. We suggest receiving your flowers 2-3 days before your event to ensure that the blooms can get re-hydrated. Wholesale alstroemerias from BloomsyShop are ready for their close-ups whenever you need them with year round availability.

Quality Assurance

Complaints & Claims: If you are not absolutely satisfied with your flower shipment, please call IMMEDIATELY after opening your boxes AND email us to All complaints must be communicated verbally and accompanied with images indicating all the flowers within 24 hours of receipt of the product or your claim will not be accepted and no refund will be granted. In order to process your claim,we MUST receive pictures of the product. We do not guarantee color tone matches. Flowers are a product of mother nature and vary in color from season to season.

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