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  • How to Use Mini Calla Lilies in Flower Arrangements

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    Flower arrangements do not have to be bland or traditional. By adding new and unexpected flowers you can create a stunning and trend-setting flower arrangement. That is where the mini calla lily comes into play. These unusual flowers do not have as long a history as the rose, but they can really spruce up your flower arrangement.

    Calla lilies

    There is a difference between the calla lily and the mini calla lily, which we will discuss more fully in this article. We will also tell you everything you need to know about caring for and using the mini calla lily in flower arrangements. Finally, we will let you know why buying mini calla lilies in bulk from Wholesale Flowers is the way to go.


    So, keep reading. This article has everything you’ve ever wanted to know about mini calla lilies.


    What are mini calla lilies

    Before we discuss using mini calla lilies in flower arrangements, we need to go into the nitty-gritty about these flowers. The calla lily what first cultivated in Europe in 1731. That first calla lily was white, but they the 1850s other colors became available. Calla lilies were not miniaturized until much later when the original calla lilies and the multi-colored, smaller calla lilies were hybridized.


    Mini calla lilies all have a single flower per stem. The stems are usually between sixteen and twenty inches in length. The flowers themselves are longer then they are wide and trumpet-shaped. The flower’s dimensions are typically 1.5-inches by 4-inches. The flowers show their best for three days after delivery. But, they will not last much longer than four or five days because they are such a delicate flower.


    Mini calla lilies today come in a wide variety of colors. Here at Wholesale Flowers, we offer mini call lilies in dark purple, light pink, orange, pink, purple, red/burgundy, white, yellow, and assorted. Because of their elegant shape and the multitude of color options, mini calla lilies are some of the most popular wedding flowers. However, you should also consider them for other types of flower arrangements, as we will discuss more fully below.


    Mini calla lilies are hardy in USDA zones 9 and 10, so they can be hard to find fresh in the northern half of the United States. The mini calla lily blooms in spring-like many coneflowers—and so is often associated with youth and rebirth. But, today, you don’t have to wait for spring to purchase bulk mini calla lilies, they are available all year long from Wholesale Flowers.


    Keeping mini calla lilies

    We recommend taking delivery of your mini calla lilies three days before your event. That will allow the flowers to look their best on the big day. In addition to the timing, there are a few other steps you should take to keep your mini calla lilies looking great in arrangements.


    • Mini calla lilies bruise damage very easily. As you handle them, take care to be as gentle as possible and not damage the blooms.
    • Mini calla lilies should get a lot of water upon their arrival. We recommend that you cut the bottom of the stem at a 45-degree angle immediately. This will help the stem absorb water.
    • Because mini calla lilies tend to “drink” a lot of water, you should make sure that the water levels in the vase stay consistent. You will need to check the water often to ensure that the mini calla lilies do not get too dry. You will also need to completely change the water every few days in order to prevent mold and bacteria growth.
    • As with most flowers, adding flower food or preservative to the water will help the mini calla lilies keep longer. You can purchase flower food or make your own. Here is a piece of great information about preservatives to use on mini calla lilies.
    • Mini calla lilies prefer a cooler location that is away from direct sunlight and heat. So, do not put your flower arrangement in a window or near a heat source. The best location for mini calla lily flower arrangements is away from direct sunlight in a cool, but not draft, location.
    • Recut the stems of the mini calla lilies every two or three days in order to help them continue to take up water adequately.


    How to flower arrange with mini calla lilies

    The name calla lily comes from the Greek word for beauty (kallos), and it is no surprise. With such a unique and elegant flower shape, the mini calla lily lives up to its name. The mini calla lily is a versatile flower and can be used in many different types of flower arrangements. But, there are some things to keep in mind when arranging with the mini call lily.


    • Simplicity is always best with the mini calla lily. They are a striking and modern looking flower. So, you should arrange them in order to highlight their beautiful features. You don’t want to add other flowers that will overwhelm the delicate mini calla lily.
    • Mini calla lilies are considered a foundational flower. This means that they can be paired with many other flowers and are used as the foundation of a flower arrangement. Begin with the mini calla lily and design the rest of the arrangement around it.
    • Mini calla lilies and calla lilies, in general, tend to be extremely uniform in their blooms. Therefore, it is important to add some type of contrast in the arrangement. Either pair multiple sizes of a calla lily or the calla lily with other flowers or plants for a textural and three-dimensional look.
    • As long as you handle the flowers delicately, you should closely pack the mini calla lilies together in your flower arrangement. This helps them sit correctly in the vase, instead of flopping all over the place.
    • As always, keep in mind that the vase or container that you choose will intimately affect the look of your flower arrangement. The container should match the aesthetic you are aiming for with your choice of flowers. For example, modern mini calla lily arrangements should have a modern-looking container. On the other hand, more traditional arrangements with mini calla lilies and roses or tulips can use a traditional vase or rustic, wooden container.


    Five mini calla lily flower arrangement ideas

    For those new to arranging flowers with mini calla lilies, here are a few pairings to get you started. Use these combination ideas as a jumping-off point to begin your own journey using mini call lilies in flower arrangements.


    • If you are going for a simple, elegant look in your flower arrangement, then just pair full-sized calla lilies with mini calla lilies. This will provide some textural and size contrast while keeping the overall look streamlined.
    • Mini calla lilies pair well with other plants or sticks. So, for a very modern flower arrangement try pairing mini calla lilies with bamboo in an Asian-inspired vase.
    • Colorful mini calla lilies surrounded by greenery or green flowers make a bold statement. Try using green roses, green Cymbidium orchids, green or jade Dendrobium orchids, Disbuds Anastasia green chrysanthemums, green carnations, or any other green flowers from Wholesale Flower as the green contrast to a colorful mini calla flower. You could also try fillers like Hypericum green or aster solidago.
    • Any other color contrast would work well with mini calla lilies. Use a color wheel to help you decide which colors work best in contrast with each other. For example, yellow mini calla lilies could be put in an arrangement with violet Dendrobium orchids for a bright and cheerful arrangement.
    • For weddings, an all-white arrangement of white mini calla lilies and pink roses would provide a perfectly elegant and romantic atmosphere. Actually, white mini calla lilies contrast well with any other color and type of flower—but roses are most traditional for weddings. The lighter the color of flower, the more subtle and understated the contrast and arrangement.


    Other uses for mini calla lilies

    While this article has focused on ways to use the mini calla lily in flower arrangements, that is not the only way that this versatile flower can be used. In fact, mini calla lilies are so foundational that you will find them in many other types of flower decorations. Below we’ve listed a couple of other common places mini calla flowers are used outside of a flower arrangement.


    • Probably the most common place to find mini calla lilies is at a wedding. Because these flowers have such a modern, stylish shape, they are often used as the foundational flower in bouquets.
    • Mini calla lilies are also often used in funeral bouquets. Because they symbolize purity and have a simple, elegant shape, mini calla flowers are perfectly suited to the funeral rite.


    Because mini call lilies are so fragile and require so much water, they are often not used in other flower decorations. You will likely not use mini calla lilies in staircase or arch decorations or in flower crowns. Making these types of decorations could cause damage to the flowers themselves and make it impossible to use the mini calla lilies in your event.


    Why get your mini calla lilies from Wholesale Flowers?

    So, now that you know how to use mini calla lilies in flower arrangements and other decorations, you need to decide where to purchase them. That is where Wholesale Flowers comes into the picture. We offer a wide variety of mini calla flowers for the party planner or DIY enthusiast to use in their flower arrangements. You can look at the beginning of this article for the color options we offer in mini calla lilies.


    Here at Wholesale Flowers, we have over fifteen years of experience in the flower industry. Our location in Miami, Florida makes it easy for us to grow and ship any type of flower you could want, including bulk mini calla lilies. Once you complete your online order, we ship the flowers from our farms and shipping centers directly to you. Every flower is personally inspected for quality before it is shipped. Plus, we offer free shipping on all orders, so it doesn’t get more convenient than that.


    All of our mini calla lilies ship in bulk. What this means is that you will receive about sixty stems, or six bunches, of mini calla lilies per box. Because there is one flower per stem, that means you are receiving sixty mini calla lilies per box. The price works out to $2.50 per flower, which is a big discount for you.


    Wholesale Flowers offers the most comprehensive selection of mini calla lilies available. We will ship both solid colors and an assorted bulk package. Thus, you can find the mini calla lily that will work best for your next event.



    Mini calla lilies are one of the most “in” flowers of the moment. Simple, restrained, and elegant, these bell-shaped flowers work for almost any occasion and in almost any arrangement. When working with mini calla lilies remember to handle the flowers delicately. If you do this your mini calla lily flower arrangement will wow your audiences all event long.


    And, of course, make sure to highlight the flower in the arrangement. It isn’t worth the purchase of your bulk mini calla lilies to hide them in a huge flower arrangement. Use the mini calla lily as a foundational flower in your arrangement, and you will not be sorry.


    In order to get the best deal on mini calla lilies, you should order them in bulk from Wholesale Flowers. As mentioned above, we are flower specialists that take price in providing you the highest quality mini calla lilies available. Contact us today to learn more about our flower options and mini calla lilies specifically. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, or you could stop first at our FAQ page to learn more about Wholesale Flowers and what we can do for you.

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